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Powell River Invitation July 10, 2022 - details

Christmas Dinner Party 2019

When: Wednesday, December 4

Where: The Blue Heron Restaurant

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Sechelt Arena, September 7, 2019 

Fun tourney & social to close out play at the Arena 

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The idea behind SuperSkills is to offer events to our members that showcase some of the most important elements of the game within an all-inclusive, fun environment. Enjoy!

July 20, 2019  

Deep Service Return                 more


Aug 24, 2019  

Deep Lob                 more


Date Summer 2020 TBA

3rd Shot into the Kitchen        more

Date Summer 2020 TBA 

The Precise Deep Serve            more

Photos from 2018

Arena Bowl Club Tournament

Big round of thanks to all the volunteers and participants for making the 6th annual Arena Bowl Tournament a success.


Sunday, June 9 2019 Arena Bowl Winners:

3.0 Women: Carmen Brown & Pam Iwaskiuk (Gold), Sharon St. Laurent & Diane Hatch (Silver),

3.0 Men: Mark Slater & Al Bowman (Gold), Steve Forgacs & Brian Chipman (Silver).

3.5 Men: Rick Kenward & Russ Drake (Gold), Aare Kuusk & Ross Miller (Silver).

4.0 Men: Kirk Exner & Pete Grassmann (Gold), Par Noren and Neil Hendren (Silver).

3.0 Mixed: Lynn Smith & Brad Ivens (Gold), Lynnette Robinson & Andy Green (Silver).

3.5 Mixed: Tom Pinfold & Nely Sepy (Gold), Carol Brophy & Tim Dayton (Silver).

4.0 Mixed: Kirk Exner & Lin Buckler (Gold), Ceilo Lyle-Shortt & Par Noren (Silver).



Periodically the SCPA will bring in outside advanced players and coaches to hold clinics for members.


Clinics for Intermediate and Novice players will be given by SCPA coaches during Summer 2019.




If enough players express interest in Ladder Play the SCPA will set this up again. 


Canada Day, July 1 2022