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About Us


The Sunshine Coast Pickleball Association was formed by Karen Renfrew, Dennis Regnier and Lin Buckler in 2009. With the help of others a level play program was developed and brought to the Coast. At that time the level play concept was unique to the Sunshine Coast. There isn't a better way for players of equal ability to improve their skills and play in a competative, yet fun, environment. Subsequently the organization was incorporated as an association under the provincial society act. Karen, the Pickleball Ambassador for the Sunshine Coast remains active in the association as the Executive Director.


Several members have asked whether we are working on establishing a permanent pickleball facility. The answer is "yes". In Fall 2019 we launched our campaign to build a dedicated, year-round, pickleball facility on the Sunshine Coast. Details


Chair: Tom Pinfold - email

Vice Chair: Ian Overend - email

Executive Director: Karen Renfrew - email

Secretary: Carol Mollerup - email

Treasurer: Jurgen Kowalewski - email

Player Development: Lin Buckler - email

Player Rating: Jurgen Kowalewski - email

Membership & Web: Ted Bentley - email

Communications: Jo-Anne Bentley - email

Directors at Large: Ross Miller - email

                                    Russ Proudman

                                     Jim Pye - email

                                     Kira Sufalco - email