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Year Round Facility Proposal 2023










June 15, 2023
The SCPA President and Vice President met with DoS staff to discuss the proposal. Staff was supportive but raised a number of preliminary issues that should be reviewed before reporting back to staff. Hopefully then staff will be in a position to make a recommendation to DoS Council regarding the land lease.


May 17, 2023
A presented this proposal to the Sechelt Council on May 17 and received positive support. You can view the presentation on YouTube - there was a technical glitch at the beginning of the YouTube recording that cut out the introduction, but otherwise the content is intact. 

                                                         View Presentation

Our Proposal     

Debentures Explained            

Sept 13, 2023
The SCPA has addressed the issues raised by staff and have subsequently modified the positioning and access for our proposed pickleball facility as shown in the photo. As positioned the facility minimizes the impact on the southern portion of the lot to provide space for the proposed daycare.

Google Earth Image Pickleball Facility.jpg
Oct 4, 2023 7:00 PM Community Meeting Room downstairs at Municipal hall
Follow-Up Delegation & Presentation to Sechelt Council
Show your support by attending this important meeting.

Sept 22, 2023 
click on PDF for a proposal update submitted to DoS Council for Oct 4 meeting.

Eight Court Pickleball Facility

Overall Building Dimension: 70’x 240’

Court Dimension: 20’x40’

Spacing Between Courts: 5’

Spacing Behind Courts: 10’

Side Spacing for End Courts: 10’

Court Access Corridor: 10’x215’

Washroom Dimension: 15’x25’

Entrance & Social: 55’x25’

Double Doors Each End

Support Posts: First one from ends of the building @ 32.5’ Subsequent posts @ 25’ up to Washrooms and Entrance so that posts come down between each court

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