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Facility Proposal 2023

Year-Round Facility Proposal 2023 

This is a working draft of our 2023 facility proposal. Prior to presenting it to the District of Sechelt we will be polling our members to gauge the level of support.


Our Proposal     


Debentures Explained            

Eight Court Pickleball Facility

Overall Building Dimension: 70’x 240’

Court Dimension: 20’x40’

Spacing Between Courts: 5’

Spacing Behind Courts: 10’

Side Spacing for End Courts: 10’

Court Access Corridor: 10’x215’

Washroom Dimension: 15’x25’

Entrance & Social: 55’x25’

Double Doors Each End

Support Posts: First one from ends of the building @ 32.5’ Subsequent posts @ 25’ up to Washrooms and Entrance so that posts come down between each court

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