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Check Your Membership?
If you have previously been a member or just want to check your current membership status, you can sign in to the Member Login page of the Pickleball Canada website with your email address and a password that you have created. Here you can print out a membership card, update your profile and view your registrations. 
Membership and Registration

To retain its affiliate standing in Pickleball BC (PBC) and Pickleball Canada (PCO) the Sunshine Coast Pickleball Association has adopted the new membership registration system of Pickleball Canada called the PCNS. The new system is now operational and open for new and renewing members. Like with any change there are some pros and cons, but we feel on balance that the SCPA members are better served with this new system.


The main difference with the new system is that all SCPA members must individually join or renew online using the PCNS system. That means the SCPA will not be gathering memberships locally and batch uploading them to Pickleball BC and Pickleball Canada. We have also changed our membership cycle to the calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31) to synchronize with the membership cycle of Pickleball Canada. New members joining Oct 1 or later in the year will be given membership through Dec 31 of the following year.


SCPA: $10.00

Pickleball Canada: $10.00 

Pickleball BC: $2.50 

PCO service charge: $1.68

Credit cards can be used.

Benefits of Membership
  • expanded play opportunities with players at your level

  • includes membership in Pickleball Canada - newsletter - injury insurance - tournaments

  • includes membership in PickleballBC - newsletter - the voice of pickleball in BC

  • club events - tournaments - socials

  • clinics and instruction

  • stronger community advocacy for pickleball play on the Sunshine Coast - the SCPA actively lobbies local governments for improvements to existing pickleball venues as well as for a new dedicated pickleball facility. We need you!

How to Join​ or Renew
Very simple - click on Join-Renew button below - it will take you to the SCPA page within Pickleball Canada's website and from there you link to the new registration system.
Thank you for Joining
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