Player Development

Coaching and Play at Kinnikinnick Elementary School - March 9, 2022

Our past-president and well known coach, Tom Pinfold, has offered to coach Newbies, Transitioning and Beginners at Kinnikinnick Elementary School on March 9 if there is sufficient interest. Tom can accommodate a maximum of 4 players from each group and would instruct on just one of the 3 Kinnikinnick courts. The other two courts would be used for open play. If you are interested in coaching please email Carol Mollerup.

Community Coaching

As a community service, the Sunshine Coast Pickleball Association provides coaching at no cost to new players. We believe in player development, and we are prepared to invest our time and energy to help players enhance their skills. We also give our time to new players who come to the schools and the arenas to learn to play the game. We are as passionate about introducing the game.

Fall 2021

Instruction is available at Kinnikinnick Elementary School in Sechelt on Wednesday evenings (5:00 - 7:00) for

  • newcomers to the game

  • beginners who want to improve their skills

There is no cost for the instruction but you must register, be a member of SCPA and pay the court fee.

Qualified Pickleball Canada Instructors

We are pleased to report that PCO (Pickleball Canada Organization) recognizes 4 of our members as ‘Qualified PCO Instructors.’ 

This designation applies to Alinda Buckler, Karen Renfrew, Tom Pinfold, and John Bell who are always keen to work with you to improve your game, and your overall playing enjoyment.

How We'll Help Improve Your Game

For members of the Sunshine Coast Pickleball Association (SCPA), a formalized program of instruction is available within a “clinic” format for various skill levels. Structured clinics are available on a semi-private coaching basis (4 players per court for 1.25 hours of training). We strive to conduct one session per quarter for all members.

We expect a great deal of interest in this development program, and as such, member sign-ups for the clinics will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Each clinic will be structured and organized according to player needs and experience. We anticipate sessions for 2.0-2.5, 3.0, and 3.5+ skill levels.

Member Clinic Details