Dinks & Drinks

Members’ Season-Ending Fun Tournament & Pub Celebration

When:   Saturday, September 8th from 12:00-2:30PM

Where:  Sechelt Arena (10:30-2:30PM), Pebbles Restaurant 2:30-4:30PM

Who:      Members of Sunshine Coast Pickleball Association

Tournament Format:     

A fun round robin event of team pickleball played in the non-volley zone. Each team consists of 5 players ranging from novice to advanced dinkers. All shots must be taken on the bounce and must land in the Non-Volley zone. Any shot landing outside the non-volley zone is a fault. Coin toss for serve. Serve is a ‘cross-court’ dink that must bounce in the NVZ. Every player on the team will play with each team-mate, once. Each dink game is played to 7 points. The number of points won are added to your team’s scorecard. The top 4 teams play in a semi-final match where each team selects 2 of its players to participate. Winning teams meet in the final, but cannot use the same two players. 


Tournament Director:    John Bell


From Dinks to Drinks:   

After the tournament, we invite players, spouses, and other members who may not have played in the tournament, to head over to the to Pebbles to  applaud the winners and celebrate the end of a successful summer of pickleball at the arenas.



Like all tournaments, logistics become challenging with odd numbers of players and teams. Our goal is to have 40 players making up 8 teams of 5 dinkers per team. We encourage you to register early so that you are not left out of the tournament. However, 3 courts will be set aside for regular play for members not registered in the tournament and non-members who may come to the arena that night.


Tournament Cost:          

There is no cost to play in the tournament beyond the usual $4.00 SCRD arena fee.


Entry Information:         

Name:   ___________________________________                                                                      

Rating (circle): 2.0-2.75, 3.0-3.25, 3.5, 3.75+                       

Are you attending the Pub Social?           

Yes ______        No ______

Is your Spouse/Partner?                             

Yes ______        No ______


Entry Deadline:               

All entries should be received by John Bell ceoafterlife@gmail.com or Carol Mollerup cmollerup@telus.net no later than Monday, September 3, 2018. There will also be a sign-up sheet at the arena


Note: Entries beyond 40 players will be added to a ‘wait list.’ If we have 10 on the list we will make 2 additional teams.


Regular Play:                    

For those not participating in the tournament, the arena will be open at 10:30AM and all 9 courts will be available for regular play from 10:30 – NOON. When the tournament starts, 3 courts will be assigned for regular play.