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The Precise Deep Serve

Challenge Details

An accurately placed deep serve is important for two reasons:

  1. It can keep your opponent back, and

  2. It can force a shorter return making your 3rd shot easier.


This all-inclusive, fun event will be scheduled this summer at the Gibsons Arena on July 15.
Gold and silver medal for the winners.


  1. One court will be set up for this SuperSkills event.

  2. Participants check in with the scorekeeper.

  3. Each contestant makes 5 serves.

  4. You earn 1 point for landing the ball in a taped center box and 2 points for landing the ball between the base line and the center box. If you land the ball in the long, thin rectangular box running next to the center line, you earn 3 points.
    Beware: A serve within a foot of the center line might be a good place to force a right-handed opponent into a backhand return, but this shot comes with the risk of the ball landing in the wrong court. A 1-point penalty will be deducted for every serve that goes long, wide or into the net.

  5. A referee will judge whether the ball is within the designated point zones. A ball that lands on any line other than the kitchen line will be considered “in.”

  6. You can participate in a maximum of three 5-serve sequences and your best score of your 3 attempts will count towards making the finals.

  7.  A semi-final will settle any ties for the “final” qualifiers.

The idea behind SuperSkills is to organize skill-testing events that showcase some of the most important elements of the game within an all-inclusive, fun environment. Hope to see you at the arena for our final SuperSkills of the summer.


Brian Chipman

SCPA SuperSkills Director

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