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White Board Sign-Up

The SCPA executive has discussed at length a number of member issues and frustrations arising from Sechelt Arena play where demand for courts has clearly exceeded supply – particularly on Saturdays. Many of these issues arise from competing visions on how best to allocate the courts.


While there is no perfect solution the executive is going to implement the following “White Board Sign-Up” procedure on a trial basis for the duration of Sechelt Arena play this summer beginning July 29, 2019. Many of you may be familiar with this system from your play down south.

White Board Sign-Up

  • A white board with dry erase markers will be available for player sign-up for each of the following level categories:
    3.75 & Up, 3.5 & Up, 2.75 – 3.25, Novice – 2.5

  • When courts at a given level are at capacity members will write their names on the appropriate White Board grid starting in the top left square with 4 players to a grid square. Sign-up will continue across the grid.

  • Current and past member names for each of the four level categories appear in the bottom right square of each board.

  • Four players who want to play a game together may sign up at the next available empty grid square BUT may not claim a court ahead of a grid square that is before them even if that grid square at the time is not full (an exiting player could claim an empty spot).

  • Players at the 3.75 & Up level may sign up on the 3.5 & Up board but may not sign up simultaneously on the 3.75 & Up board.

  • Courts will be marked with designated levels - the number of courts available at each level will be adjusted according to demand.

  • As soon as play is finished on a particular court at a given level, all players will leave that court (and yell “COURT”) and the next foursome from the grid will strike their names on the board and go out to play.

  • Players may not put their name down for a court until they have finished a game (or just arrived!).

The executive is well aware of the limitations of this sign-up procedure but we believe that it will result in a fairer rotation of available courts while at the same time provides a mechanism for groups of four who want to play a game together. We sincerely hope that it will address some of the issues that have resulted from our supply/demand court availability problem. We appreciate your cooperation – until we have our own facility (which we are actively pursuing) we have to collectively manage our limited resources to best enjoy the game we all love.

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