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3rd Shot Into The Kitchen

Challenge Details

The 3rd shot is the most important shot in the game because it helps to negate the opponents’ net advantage. Each contestant hits 5 consecutive returns from simulated 2nd shots at the baseline with the goal of dropping soft returns into the kitchen. One point will be awarded for each successful execution within the 5-shot sequence. You can participate in a maximum of three 5-shot sequences and your best score out of 5 will count. The top three finishers within each category will participate in a sudden death shoot-out.


  1. Two courts set up for this SuperSkills event.

  2. Participants check in with the scorekeeper on either court, giving their name and rating. If you don’t have a rating, let the scorekeeper know if you are a novice, intermediate or advanced player.

  3. The person feeding the shot to you will strike the ball cross court and attempt to land it within 3 feet to the left or right of you. The power of the feed shot will depend on the contestant’s skill level (i.e., harder to advanced players).

  4. A referee on each court will judge whether the ball is within the kitchen. Kitchen line is considered “out.”

  5. Three best scores within each division will play a sudden death playoff “shoot-out.” “Shoot-out” will settle any ties for playoff qualifiers.


The idea behind SuperSkills is to offer events to our members that showcase some of the most important elements of the game within an all-inclusive, fun environment.


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