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Membership Waiver

Members agree that there are physical risks involved in playing pickleball, including, but not limited to, injury from rapid movement, falling down, being hit by balls and/or paddles, collision with walls, nets and other players. Members agree

  • to be personally responsible for any injury

  • to relieve the Sunshine Coast Pickleball Association (SCPA), its directors and members, of any responsibility for that injury

  • to waive certain legal rights including the right to sue the SCPA, its directors and members.

Membership Privacy

In compliance with PIPA (B.C.'s Personal Information Protection Act) the SCPA advises that the collection of any and all personal data will be for the sole purpose of supporting members in their endeavours to play pickleball and the furtherment of the sport of pickleball.

  • Member information may be shared with PickleballBC, Pickleball Canada (PCO) and a tournament committee if a member has expressed an interest in participating.

  • A member's personal data will NOT be shared, unless he/she has given specific authority to do so, or as written by law, with any commercial venture or any other non-pickleball association or interest.

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