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Deep Lob

Challenge Details

When: Saturday, Aug 24, 2019. Starts at 11:30 am during regular play

Where: Sechelt Arena Courts 8 and 9. All other courts open as usual

Who: Open to all members and prospective members. Two divisions – under 3.5 (including unrated) and 3.5 and above

What: “Accurate and deep placement of lob” competition

Why: An accurately placed and deep lob is important for two reasons:
1. It can force one or both of your opponents to retreat from the kitchen line and move out of
position (offensive lob)

2. It can get you out of trouble if you’ve been driven back to the
base line by giving you time to move up to the kitchen line again (defensive lob).

This challenge will test your defensive lob from deep in the court.

The idea behind SuperSkills is to present skill-testing events that showcase some
of the most important elements of the game in an all-inclusive, fun environment.


A line will be marked across the width of the court 2 feet in from the base line for 3.5 and up players

and 3 feet in for 3.25 and under players. The Challenger will stand on the court within three feet of

the base line. One of the Judges will feed an easy shot from near the kitchen line to the Challenger

and then extend his/her arm and paddle straight up above their head.

The Challenger must return the ball as a lob which must clear the height of the
top of the extended paddle (approximately 8 feet). A Line Judge/Scorekeeper will stand on the
side line and determine if the lob was hit over the height of the paddle and where the lob has
landed. Any lob landing in the marked scoring area will be awarded 3 points. A 1-point penalty
will be deducted for any lob that goes long, wide, into the kitchen, into the ceiling or into the net.
No points will be awarded for lobs that do not clear the height of the extended paddle or land
short of the scoring zone. Each Challenger will hit 3 balls from the right court and 3 balls from
the left court. After everyone has had one go at the challenge, competitors can try a second time
to improve their first score. Highest total score determines the winner. In the event of a tie there
will be a final round between the high scorers. Medals will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place
winners in each rating category.

This will be a very informal, fun event open to all members and new players who are not yet
members. There will be no signup – just come down to courts 8 and 9 at 11:30 and take your best

shot. We will rearrange court assignments so that play can continue on the other 7 courts before
and during the Super Skills event.

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