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What's New? ​​​​​

  • Schools Update
    Play expected to begin Nov 1

  • Sechelt Arena Update
    No PB, ice now installed   

  • Hackett Park
    Update August 10
    Council Motion details

  • Join or Renew Membership!
    New system   more

  • Facility Proposal  -  details
    No decision through 2021?

  • Rule Changes for 2021   more

  • Etiquette & Safety   more

  • Self Rating Sheets   more

Covid Restrictions
Aug 26, 2021

Indoor play - masks not required while playing but must be worn off court.

Outdoor play - no restrictions

BC Website

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SCPA's Goals

  • promote the sport within the community by organizing play

  • recruit players to the game

  • help members develop their pickleball skills

Pickleball Rules!

Just as you hit your serve you call out the score

Fault?  No Fault?

The Association For Fun, Fitness and Friendship

SCPA is a non-profit, provincially incorporated society which fosters and promotes goodwill, fellowship, fitness, and healthy competition among its members.

Arena2 Aug 2021
Arena2 Aug 2021

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Arena1 Aug 2021
Arena1 Aug 2021

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D&D Action
D&D Action

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Arena2 Aug 2021
Arena2 Aug 2021

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Pickleball Facility Successes in the News​​​

The Pickleball Song

Fun video 

Pickleball rap style!